I'm Paul.  

I tell stories with photographs.  What story do you want to tell?

I grew up in a family of photographers, so there were always cameras around. I was hooked from a young age.

It wasn't until I started taking self-portraits that something changed. I'd done some photos in the infamous abandoned train station in Detroit as a lark - but when the film was developed I was amazed - I was looking into my own eyes and seeing something new. Those images were more clearly me than anything I'd shot up to that point.  Something about the light, the emotion, the grit - and that look in the eyes showing me something new about myself.

I started taking portraits of my friends as well - looking for those same kinds of things.

I'd found my passion.

I love to tell stories. I love that moment when someone forgets they're in front of a camera and you get a glimpse of who they really are.  What's your story? What do you want to share? Let's figure it out together and have some fun along the way - and create some really memorable portraits that bring out the best of who you are.

My work has been shown in galleries across the country and in every corner of the internet.  In publications such as Unzipped Magazine, Instigator Magazine, Aperture, and in Brave, an anthology published by Bruno Gmunder. 

…and yea, I was the guy that brought gay superheroes to the net with a shoot the Packard Plant.  It even got me a mention along side the even more infamous Banksy.


Learn more about my passion for capturing LGBT stories in "Invocation":

Learn more about Dallas gay history at: http://www.thedallasway.org